Defining your maiden personalisation voyage

What personalisation voyage?

We now realise personalisation is not as easy as it seems, as we saw in “personalisation easy to say hard to do”.

It does require commitment and an appreciation this is not something we can just say as a throw away comment, “let’s do personalisation”, and requires consideration as discussed in this article on econsultancy.

So what is next? We agree it is challenging but surely the next question is even more difficult to answer.

Where do I start? I have 5,000 web pages and 1,000,000 visitors what do I say, where and for who?!


Thanks to Australian National Maritime Museum on The Commons for the image

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Personalisation: Easy To Say, Hard To Do

Personalisation, what is it all about?

We hear the word personalisation all the time. The funny thing is, when you ask how many examples people have delivered themselves or that they can recall, there are not many out there. In this article I will look at a couple of examples of personalisation done well and less well.



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Bridging the gap between data and digital

SOURCE: State Library of NSW (Flickr)

Consumers are always looking for a more relevant experience. This is something which is mooted frequently within the marketing industry, and includes: a connected customer experience; multi-channel conversations; customer-centric communications; and relevant messaging through any channel at any time.

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Big data, big bollocks? Unveiling the data types in an organisation

There is so much noise and confusion with big data I thought I would look at the types of data available in an organisation. Let’s start with what is big data? IBM have defined big data using these four “V’s”: Volume, Variety, Velocity and Veracity. IBM’s big data definition). This is a good description of the definition of big data, yet as a marketer I struggle to understand how I can practically apply this definition to data I use or work with in day-to-day marketing challenges.

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The Art Of Balancing The Scorecard

In my previous article I looked at how marketers can quantify UX changes on their websites and the impact these can have financially.

Next on the agenda is the wider question of what digital or marketing initiatives you should prioritise and how can this be justified internally.

It’s often easy for organisations to come up solutions to existing problems or even new ideas to take the business forward. The battle is getting those items approved and actioned with a limited budget.

scorecarding for marketing

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Racing Car Setup Lessons For Marketing Effectiveness

One of the common challenges marketers face is understanding what activity is having the biggest effect on changing customer behaviour.

However, with the plethora of channels out there and the number of interactions a customer has with a brand, is it truly possible to understand what has and has not had an effect? In the field of customer experience, some companies are using Multivariate Testing or (MVT) as an optimisation tool, while others are looking at specific A/B testing plans. Both of these options work well but when looking at marketing, where do you start?

marketing effectiveness testing

Motor racing teams face a similar problem. The big challenge they are trying to solve is get the car to its optimum state to set the fastest lap time. They too face a huge number of variables, including the tyres on the car, tyre pressures, track temperature and the weather. That’s without the different driving styles and abilities of the drivers.

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