Creativity with Limits

Creativity without limits is something that is banded about a lot. However is creativity really unleashed when there are no limits? Is the best work really achieved from a broad brief? Possibly, but the best creative ideas I have seen are where the brief is really narrow and tightly defined and the creative team come up with something genius from no where.

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Social Media Centre vs. the Call Centre

social vs call centre comparison

What is the role of social media and how does this compare to the call centre? I was intrigued to hear, although not surprised, that one very large UK supermarket had only a two person team. This is a multi billion dollar organisation had over 18 million consumers with over 1 million fans/followers and they only have 2 people focused on social internally, really?!

Getting to the point
So what is my point then? Simple . . .

. . . Why are organisations so afraid to invest in social and why have I picked on call centres as an example?

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