The 20/80 Rule – should I bother with the extra work?

When is perfect not good enough?

As marketers, we are striving to select the best audience, timing, channel to allow us to get the best results, but sometimes we can focus too much on getting everything perfect.

Instead, why wouldn’t we just do things which are nearly there and learn by doing rather than over-analysing?

This is not about doing less or being slapdash, but more about thinking about when you need to go the extra step to make the campaign profitable.


rule 20 80

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The Art Of Balancing The Scorecard

In my previous article I looked at how marketers can quantify UX changes on their websites and the impact these can have financially.

Next on the agenda is the wider question of what digital or marketing initiatives you should prioritise and how can this be justified internally.

It’s often easy for organisations to come up solutions to existing problems or even new ideas to take the business forward. The battle is getting those items approved and actioned with a limited budget.

scorecarding for marketing

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