Blending User Experience With ROI

Businesses are more and more constrained on their marketing budgets, or at least facing more pressure to justify where their budget is spent, and quite right too.

In my previous post ‘Racing Car Setup Lessons For Marketing Effectiveness‘, I looked at how we need to make changes little and often. However the next step has to be about ROI. So where do we start and how do we prioritise these changes. In this post I will look at the prioritisation of UX changes and how we can determine which one is having the best effect on the business from a commercial standpoint.


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Racing Car Setup Lessons For Marketing Effectiveness

One of the common challenges marketers face is understanding what activity is having the biggest effect on changing customer behaviour.

However, with the plethora of channels out there and the number of interactions a customer has with a brand, is it truly possible to understand what has and has not had an effect? In the field of customer experience, some companies are using Multivariate Testing or (MVT) as an optimisation tool, while others are looking at specific A/B testing plans. Both of these options work well but when looking at marketing, where do you start?

marketing effectiveness testing

Motor racing teams face a similar problem. The big challenge they are trying to solve is get the car to its optimum state to set the fastest lap time. They too face a huge number of variables, including the tyres on the car, tyre pressures, track temperature and the weather. That’s without the different driving styles and abilities of the drivers.

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What Do CMOs And Racing Drivers Have In Common?

So it’s probably not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of dashboards is motor racing, let alone this sport has a lot in common with CMOs.

The original meaning of the term dashboard is “the barrier of wood or leather at the front of a horse-drawn carriage to protect the driver from being ‘dashed’ by the debris thrown up by the horses’ hooves”.

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