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We are a marketing consultancy located in London. We help our clients identify the commercial value of marketing through the use of data and technology.

Who we work with


Working with marketers, we help them unlock opportunities within their business by demystifying their options into pragmatic, commercial viable next steps.


Working alongside agencies we measure marketing effectiveness and how to realise their strategies, through intelligent use of data and technology.


Working with Technology Vendors we can identify the gaps their technology fills and the roadmap of their solutions and how these align with a marketers business.

We define what to do, in the right order, prioritised on greatest return for the smallest budget 

'Delivering value, for the smallest investment' - Attributely

How we work

Our service is a Pragmatic approach to data and digital marketing, with a modern and commercial focus.


Based on your current capabilities we will recommend a roadmap to help drive your business. We identify WHAT these solutions are to help you achieve this.

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Looking at organisational priorities and constraints we will identify the priorities and supporting plan to help focus WHEN these solutions need to be rolled out.

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By identifying the opportunities within your organisation we will produce a commercially focused business case to support WHY we should be using the solutions we recommend.

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What we do

Below are our offerings. View how we help our clients make a difference.

Creation of a customer focused roadmap to identify how to engage consumers through three key phases in context of data, technology, people, process & measurement

We work with you and your team to identify WHAT needs to be carried out to bridge current marketing gaps within your organisation and how this meets to consumer needs. From here we will create a phased one page roadmap supported by the individual tasks which need to be completed within each of the organisational departments, touchpoints or functional parts of the business.

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Commercial validation and visibility of the potential through the investment in data, technology and digital

Understanding what potential your business has by using digital, technology and data to create a competitive edge in the marketplace is essential. However justifying this investment is even more important. The Business Case will use industry benchmarks coupled with your own data to identify what the potential uplift could be and WHY investment is required to accelerate this.

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Determine what content is driving the best return on investment and overall activity on your digital assets

After significant investment in content marketing the next step is to measure its effectiveness. Here we look at individual performance of content and provide a measurement framework upon which you will be able to determine, what content is driving the revenue and how engaged individual visitors are with your digital assets.

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A simplified approach to marketing measurement, by measuring what’s important, rather than what’s easily measureable

Reviewing top line numbers can sometimes seem meaningless. We help out clients consolidate their data into easy to understand insights upon which they can make decisions. Not huge spreadsheets, but data driven, design led, information presented in a way which is relevant to the audience and the time period.

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What we are up to

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Here what our clients have to say about us

  • Ben is absolutely one of the most brilliant, inspiring, incredibly hard working and fun people I have been fortunate to know. It also helps that he is one of the best minds on digital and data driven marketing and advertising with an innate ability to connect viscerally with what drives an end customer’s experience and shape and implement a company’s strategy, capability and execution around that.

    CEO, Bell and Howell
  • Ben is an expert in Communication Strategies, providing clients and colleagues with great insight and advice on campaigning activity.

    Founder, Blackler Roberts
  • Ben is an incredibly inspiring person to work with – he makes complex strategy easy to follow and get excited about and has the ability to keep in focus the actions and path to realising seemingly blue sky ideas and concepts.

    Relationship Marketing Manager, NWEN at The Coca-Cola Company
  • Quick to grasp business issues, even quicker to work out a plan to solve them. A good example of somebody at the top of their game. 

    Head of Loyalty & CRM at Mothercare
  • Ben is an out-and-out new age marketer. He has built his career living on the interface between digital marketing technologies and the real-world stresses and strains of running successful marketing programs.

    President at Provenir
  • Ben is a force of nature and is recommended to anyone that needs to create competitive advantage from their enterprise marketing.

    Director, Customer Engagement Management at Pitney Bowes Software

Who we work with

Here is a sample of some of businesses we work with today. We work closely with all our clients and partners to ensure the right outcome is delivered.

















Who we are

Our team have a huge amount of experience and are experts in their own right. We all share the same dedication to data and results.

Our team

Ben Salmon

Ben Salmon

Data Doyen View Details
Howard Thompson

Howard Thompson

Analytics Artisan View Details
Julian Berry

Julian Berry

Data Scientist View Details
Phil Dearson

Phil Dearson

Web Warlock View Details
Ben Salmon

Ben Salmon

Data Doyen

I’ve held global roles with leading marketing technology companies – Unica, Chordiant, smartFOCUS, Pitney Bowes Software. I’ve led the data charge at big agencies – RAPP and DDB. Now I work directly with clients who want to take control of their own marketing data destinies. How? I bridge opposing sides, technology and marketing; conceptual creativity and analytic thinking. This is achieved by translating marketers’ ambitions into pragmatic action by aligning data capabilities with practical marketing goals and revenue.

I spend my spare time driving race cars at absurd speed, which is wholly irrational.

Howard Thompson

Howard Thompson

Analytics Artisan

I started my marketing career working at Transactis, a data cooperative, and have since worked as a consultant across many sectors including; mail order, finance, travel and retail.

More recently he has headed up a wide range of teams delivering; analytical, software, and analytical software solutions to a variety of end users.

Julian Berry

Julian Berry

Data Scientist

I started out as a book printer and publisher but became ensnared by the opportunities provided by direct marketing in the 1980s.

My client side career followed on from a spell with the charismatic Christian Brann, setting up from scratch direct marketing departments for Nat West and TSB banks.

It became clear that there was a business opportunity due to the lack of suppliers in what we would now call the insight and CRM space, so I set up and eventually sold to Acxiom the eponymous Berry Consulting.

My focus now is in helping marketers get a better ROI on their spend across all channels by combining insight with software optimisation tools.

Phil Dearson

Phil Dearson

Web Warlock

I have been at the forefront of the digital industry since the early days of the web. I ensure the most appropriate technologies are employed in order to meet the objectives of organisations and the people they care about most. Given the extreme pace of change, my approach is to focus on people first, technology last.

Prior to founding Subsector, I was Head of Strategy & User Experience at Tribal DDB. Before that I was Head of Digital at The Marketing Store Worldwide. I’ve also held Director positions at 23red, Blonde Digital, DC Interact/Altogether (now WCRS) and Exposure.

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